About Us

Chalice & Blade originally formed in 2005 to perform traditional craft songs and original pieces based on the beliefs of Wicca and Paganism. After producing a highly successful CD in 2006 called Wild Hunt the band decided to go their separate ways in 2008.

In 2012, Chalice & Blade’s best known song, I Hear You Calling, was used in the NBC show Being Human. A video produced for the song has garnered over 650,000 views.

Inspired by the renewed interest in their music, in 2013 two of the band members, Mojo and Wendy, decided to form Chalice & Blade 2.0 to continue the musical journey. It was a brief reunion that ended in 2014. We hope you still enjoy the music we produced.


mojoAfter being told by his high school drama teacher that he couldn’t sing, Mojo went on to star in two musicals – Grease and Cabaret. A promising theatrical career was interrupted by Mojo’s military service. In the Navy, Mojo formed his first band, the now defunct Havoc Incorporated who later became Conduct Unbecoming who resurfaced again as Section 181.

After military life, Mojo was spiritually bereft and went on a search for the truth. As luck would have it, on National Nude Day while tanning at Wreck Beach, Mojo saw an ad for a Witchcraft course. He soon became an initiated Wiccan priest and discovered a love of drumming and chanting.

This lead to Wendy and Mojo meeting and the formation of the original group, Parnassus, which evolved into Chalice and Blade. After Chalice and Blade went into hiatus, Mojo continued on with his solo career. His solo music can be found at http://mojokemp.bandcamp.com.

For the last seven years, Mojo and his partner Sparrow have produced a pagan podcast called the Wigglian Way. It’s all about the love!!!!

You can follow Mojo on Twitter @WigglianMojo


wendyWendy has been a singer for as long as she can remember and has a long history of singing in choirs. Passionate about the environment, Wendy joined the Craft in 1997 after learning about it through her graduate studies in ecofeminism. Becoming a Wiccan priestess allowed Wendy to combine her love of nature and her spiritual beliefs.

Meeting Mojo, and starting Parnassus, was the beginning of the journey to creating music that reflected pagan and wiccan beliefs rather than what is found in most large choral works.

Writing, singing and playing music based on the themes of paganism enables Wendy to forge spiritual connections with our sacred world and all of who inhabit it. She especially loves to create and sing harmonies. Her favourite gigs are the ones where the audience sings along.

You can follow Wendy on her blog at A Fish and a Bicycle, on twitter @WendyLadyYVR and on Instagram @WendyLady.

5 Responses to About Us

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  2. Dean says:

    I started down the Pagan path this year and recently began listening to The Wigglian Way podcasts. I just downloaded and listened to the 100th episode on iTunes which ended with Mojo and Wendy singing “I Hear You Calling” — I immediately bought it from iTunes. The original version is terrific of course, but, I actually liked the more gritty and real version from the podcast and am going back to listen to that version as well. Thanks very much for the inspiring song.

  3. Ray says:

    I produce a pagan radio show that broadcasts on the FM dial out of Olympia, WA. (KAOS 89.3fm) I’ve been playing Chalice and Blade foar a few years now, sorry to hear you’ve retired the project!
    —Radio Ray, host of Wheel of Wonder

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